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Africa's largest country, which is mostly covered by the Sahara desert, only
gained independence in 1962 after having been under French colonial rule
for 132 years. Algiers is the capital. It has 3 million residents, and you
can have fine 
views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The image above is taken from the Martyrs' Monument, which was erected to

recall and honor the many men who fell in the struggle for independence.

The Algerians fought for eight years before the French finally pulled out of the


It is believed that one million Algerians were killed, while two million were


The monument was erected in 1982 to mark 20 years of independence
for Algeria.

Bertram kept his own small party in front of the monument with a friend and...

...a few other festive guests.

A nice park ranger with equally fine gums as our son.


Speaking of authorities: You need visa to enter Algeria. The issue is not on arrival,
so it must be taken care of at the embassy in your home country.

Bertram are wondering, and there are many of the poor in Algeria that are 

also wondering. The State is making billions of dollars on the country's large
deposits of oil and natural gas,
but the political system does not manage to
develop society and improve the miserable conditions that the vast majority of
Algerians have. The discontent of the population is significant.

Ready for city walk in front of a beautiful white mosque called Jamaa El Jedid 
and on to...    

...Ketchaoua, which is another mosque in the Old Town. 

It was built during the Ottoman dynasty back in the year 1612.

Nice older men whom Bertram was staring intensely at.

Around the year 1900, over half a million French settlers lived in Algeria, where...

...colonists left their mark on the city's architecture.

The old part of Algiers is built up a hill, so if you get lost, you just walk downhill
until the sea appears again.

It has been forbidden to hold political demonstrations in Algeria since 1992.

Dissatisfaction with the regime nevertheless arose when the Arab Spring occured
in a number of Muslim countries in early 2011. Police and military was
however hard… the crowd, and the people may continue to look far for freedom and equality.

Nice place for a football field. 
The spectators doesn’t have to make "the wave" ;-)    

Here is the hottest Algerian hair fashion!    

Hotel Sofitel in the center of Algiers has a smart pool, both indoor and outdoor, 

but after a few days we needed ...

...a change of air and moved to the Sheraton, located with a wonderful view. 

There were not many other guests around the pool to make fun of, so... 

...while Mamma got control of the tan...

...Bertram explored the shade of the palms.

Cheeseburger and fries are not part of the diet, when you are 11 months old,
but it is tempting.

During the trip two North African tusks popped up in Bertrams mouth.

Så skal du skynde dig til Cuba.
Observerede en del mænd i Egypten med noget, der lignede et numsehul i panden, men fandt ud af...
...end nogensinde før!
...det mozambikanske flag!